Real-World Adventure

To save Princess Peach and the Pi'illo Folk, Mario and Luigi must tackle puzzles and take on enemies in both the real world and the Dream World.

In the real world, the brothers always stick together—and you control them both as they run, jump, and battle their way through ever-changing environments on Pi’illo Island.

Keep an eye on Mario and Luigi's HP. If a hero's HP is reduced to zero, they won't be able to fight anymore!
Winning battles earns XP (Experience Points), which makes the Bros. stronger.
Score extra damage by jumping onto a monster's head to start a fight.
Time your attacks just right to score a Great or even Excellent rating.
Defend yourself! Do bonus damage by performing a counterattack.

Bros. Abilities

Besides their standard abilities such as running and jumping, Mario and Luigi use special bro-based moves to take on any obstacle.

  • Hammer


  • Spin Jump

    Spin Jump

  • Side Drill

    Side Drill

Bros. Attacks

Luckily for Mario and Luigi, they've got a secret weapon: Bros. Attacks. These supercharged moves dish out a huge amount of damage.

To unlock Bros. Attacks, just look for Attack Pieces hidden around each area of Pi'illo Island—find a complete set of ten and you'll get a new Bros. Attack to use in battle. They cost Bro Points, though, so use them wisely!

  • 3D Green Shell

    3D Green

  • Jet Board Bash

    Jet Board

  • Dropchopper


  • Star Rocket

    Star Rocket