Welcome to the Dream World

When Luigi naps, a portal to the Dream World appears—and you're plunged into the wild landscapes of Luigi's imagination! In this fantastical land, Mario teams up with Dreamy Luigi, the hero Luigi always knew he could be. Together, Dreamy Luigi and Mario must continue the quest to free the petrified Pi'illo Folk.

As you play, you'll earn Badges. They can give you special skills, so be sure to wear them during battles!
Gear up with new shoes and weapons that will boost your stats.
Boost stats with special beans that can be dug up all over Pi'illo Island. Keep your eyes peeled and grab as many as you can!

Luiginary Works

Interacting with sleeping Luigi in the real world can have a big impact in the Dream World. Sometimes one of these special moves is exactly what you need to get past a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

  • Stache Tree

    Stache Tree

  • Anti-Gravity


  • Constellation


  • Sneeze Wind

    Sneeze Wind


You can never have too many Luigis! A big group of Luigis, called Luiginoids, appears when you interact with Luigi-shaped star constellations in the Dream World. These acrobatic heroes can morph into different shapes to help Mario keep moving.

  • Stack


  • Cone


  • Ball


Luiginary Attacks

Unleash a Luiginary Attack and watch as Mario, Dreamy Luigi, and the Luiginoids pull off some spectacular—and powerful—moves.

  • Stack


  • Ball


  • Hammer


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Giant Battles

Stretching across both Nintendo 3DS screens, Giant Battles pit the Bros. against gigantic foes in a colossal fight to the finish!

  • Giant Battle