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  • It's all as weird and wonderful as it sounds, making brilliant use of the touchscreen.
    - IGN
  • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team offers up an undeniable charm with cute characters and funny antics.
    - Examiner
  • Filled with laughs, exciting battles, and plenty of charm.
    - Game Informer

One giant adventure in two massive worlds

One day in the Mushroom Kingdom, a letter arrives from a mysterious Dr. Snoozemore, inviting Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach to Pi'illo Island. A free vacation, from a complete stranger? What could possibly go wrong? Find out as you leap into the world of Luigi’s dreams—where anything can happen—in this hilarious action RPG.

In Luigi's Dreams, Anything is Possible


Master two massive worlds: the real world of Pi'illo Island and the wild landscapes of Luigi's imagination.


Poke, tickle, and move a sleeping Luigi in the real world to alter events in the dream world.


Experience larger-than-life Giant Battles that span both screens at one time.

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